TEAMS FUNDRAISE with 5K: Lots of ways to earn money!

There are many ways your team can earn money with the Timberwolf 5K.

  1. Teams earn 100% of race registration fees for each runner that chooses your athletic team during registration. Encourage sign ups for the Timberwolf 5K! Your team will earn all race registration revenue paid for every online registration. Adult registrations count too! When registering, your supporters just need to select your team during registration. Family, friends and neighbors (even strangers!) count. Reports of online registrations will be sent to each team's 5K representative every Tuesday beginning January 7, 2020.

  2. Teams can solicit sponsors and exhibitors. 100% of these proceeds benefit your athletic team.

  3. Teams can recruit volunteers to lead the 5K event. See leadership position opportunities and the funds earned when the role is successfully completed here.


Team Reps have all of the details for each team to be successful with the Timberwolf 5K.

assist with fundraising

If you would like to assist us with fundraising, please contact us at